Visual Arts Teacher Commendation Scheme

目的 Objectives


HKSEA is dedicated to promoting visual arts education and teacher professional development in Hong Kong. The “Visual Arts Teachers Commendation Scheme” (VATCS) aims to recognise the outstanding performance and ambition of Hong Kong Visual Arts teachers. VATCS also aspires to encourage teachers to pursue excellence and keep improving their quality of teaching through sharing and exchange of ideas, thereby achieving the long-term goal of enhancing the status of visual arts education in academia.

最新消息 What's New

第二屆結果公佈 Release of VATCS 2021 Result





年度主題 Theme of the Year


The theme for The Visual Arts Teacher Commendation Scheme 2021 is “Teaching Innovations”.


候選人資格 Eligibility

  • 任教小學、中學或特殊學校之視覺藝術科教師;或

  • 於幼稚園或幼兒園任教有關視覺藝術或美育相關內容的教師;

  • 候選人須獲其現在任職學校的校長提名;

  • 每間學校每年只可提名1位教師以個人名義或1組教師(不多於3人)以組別名義競逐獎項;

  • 候選人必須在2020/21學年或之前,已任教視覺藝術或美育相關科目不少於1年,並於2021/22學年繼續於該校任教有關科目;

  • 為鼓勵更多教師參與,教師在獲獎後3年內不可再次接受提名。

  • Teachers of primary, secondary and special schools who teach Visual Arts; or

  • Teachers of kindergartens who are involved in the teaching, planning and implementation of Visual Arts or Aesthetic Education related curricula and learning activities;

  • Nominees must be nominated by the school principal;

  • Both individual and group nominations are accepted; each school can only nominate one teacher or one group which comprises not more than three teachers;

  • Nominees should have at least one year’s experience of teaching Visual Arts or any Aesthetic Education related subjects by the 2020/21 school year and will continue to teach the subject(s) concerned during the 2021/22 school year;

  • To encourage more teachers to participate, teachers cannot be nominated again within three years after receiving the award.


獎項 Awards



  • 每位獲獎教師可獲得獎座一個及證書一張,並於年末舉行之頒獎典禮上頒發;

  • 其教學經驗將收錄成文集,供公眾參閱;及

  • 獲邀在本會舉辦的活動中分享心得。

There are two categories of awards, namely Award for Excellent Performance and Award for Outstanding Performance.

The total number of awards to be presented in a year will not be more than 8.

Awardees will receive the following rewards:

  • Each awarded teacher will receive a trophy and a certificate, which will be presented at the awarding ceremony held at the end of the year;

  • Awardees' entries will be published in the form of an anthology for public viewing; and

  • Awardees will be invited to share their experience in events organised by HKSEA.

需要遞交的提名文件 Required Nomination Documents


  1. 網上提名表格(

  2. 「教學分享」簡報

  3. 聲明書

Nominees should submit the following documents before the nomination deadline:

  1. Online Nomination Form (

  2. "Sharing of Teaching Practice" PowerPoint

  3. Declaration

聲明書 Declaration

Word / PDF

提名指引 Nomination Guidelines

中文版 / English version

遞交提名文件安排 Deadline for Nomination

候選人須於2021年6月30日或之前遞交網上提名表格,並將「教學分享」簡報及聲明書上載至個人雲端硬碟(Google Drive)後與本會(分享。請確保所有檔案已開放權限予本會下載。


Nominees should submit the online nomination form on or before June 30, 2021, and share their PowerPoint and declaration form with ( via Google Drive. Please ensure that access is granted to us to download the documents.

A confirmation email will be sent to the nominee within five working days after receiving the nomination documents.

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