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- 新會員首次繳交合共 HK$110 (包括入會費 HK$50及年費 HK$60);
- 每年續會費用為HK$60,歡迎會員預繳兩年或以上費用;
- 十年年費 HK$500 (如新會員希望登記十年會籍,需一併繳交HK$50入會費)
- 學生年費為 HK$20,毋需交入會費

a. 會期為每年1月1日至12月31日
(如中途入會或續會一年者, 到期日為該年的12月31日)  
b. 已退休的註冊教師會員,歡迎辦理榮休會籍(免續會費)

We welcome all visual arts educators to join us to build a larger and broader network.

All members enjoy the privilege and special discount offer when joining our activities and purchasing in listed stores, plus getting our Art Education Journal for free.

Membership Fee

- New member: HKD$110 (including HKD$50 admission fee and HKD$60 annual fee)
- Renewal fee: HKD$60/year. Members are welcome to renew 2 years or above.
- Ten-year membership: HKD$500 (If new members wish to join, HKD$50 admission fee is also required)
- Students: HKD$20 (no admission fee required)

a. Our membership is based on the calendar year (January 1 to December 31). If you join or renew mid-year, benefits begin with date of dues payment until the end of the same year.
b. For qualified retired teacher members, you are welcome to apply Retired Membership (no renewal fee required)


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