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– 加強社會人士對視覺藝術教育的重視;
– 確立視覺藝術教育在教育體制中的地位;
– 提高視覺藝術教育素質;
– 提高視覺藝術教育人員的專業地位;
– 策劃不同層面的活動,提供砥礪交流的機會;
– 放眼世界,與本港及世界各地視覺藝術教育組織聯繫,積極推動藝術文化發展。


Established in 1992, the Hong Kong Society for Education in Art (HKSEA) is a registered non-profit organisation. With the belief that art is an essential part of holistic education, HKSEA has been organising various events and publishing books and journals in order to enhance the quality of art education in Hong Kong. Above all, the Society aims at nurturing a new generation with creative minds and aesthetic sense by providing professional training and support to art teachers of kindergartens, primary and secondary schools. It has received “Award for Arts Education” thrice from the Hong Kong Arts Development Council. As a member of the International Society for Education through Art (InSEA), HKSEA also keeps in close contact with art educators overseas in the hope of constantly bringing new ideas back to Hong Kong.   


Our Objectives

– To strengthen the importance of visual arts education to members of society;
– To establish the status of visual arts education in the educational system;
– To enhance the quality of visual arts education;
– To enhance the professional status of visual arts education professionals;
– To coordinate multifaceted events and provide exchange opportunities for visual arts education professionals;
– To broaden one’s horizon, connect with visual arts education associations in Hong Kong and overseas countries, and to actively promote arts and cultural development.

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