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陈鹿华Candy Chen

香港李寶椿聯合世界書院 Class of 2020

“I love art for many reasons but mainly because of its impact on people. I gradually realized the power of art in conveying message, raising awareness, and calling for mess support. I believe this is my way of impacting and helping the world.”


Tomato juice on paper | 84cm x 119cm

Upon dissecting a tomato, I analyzed its lines, composition, and inner structure, which reminded me of lungs - from the color and texture, to the seeds that resembled alveoli. Nature's symmetry, geometry, and recurring themes inspired my concept sculpture of breathing, and made me consider creative ways in which to capture just a sliver of the art teeming in nature. In the previous response, I merely considered the color and shapes of a tomato while ignoring its essence, an organic plant and fruit that decays with time. And as tomatoes are very juicy, full of water - the fuel of life, they left their mark with the last of their breaths.