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Exhibition of Creative Student Award Scheme 2020/2021





The “Creative Student Award Scheme” is designed to encourage students of local kindergartens and primary schools to participate in art activities and to develop their potential in art and creativity with support from schools and families. To recognise students’ efforts, “Diamond”, “Gold”, “Silver” and “Bronze” badges will be presented to them. It is hoped that children will become more expressive, creative, appreciative and generous through the scheme, building a sustainable foundation for the arts and cultural development in Hong Kong. 


This is the 8th year since the scheme was launched. In the academic year 2020-21, 57 schools and more than 14,000 students joined the scheme. This exhibition displays artworks from students who have earned the “Diamond Badge” and the “Outstanding Artwork Award”. Visitors can see in them children’s thoughts and daily observations and perceive their joy in art making.

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