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楊灝澄Yeung Ho Ching

滙基書院(東九龍) S6

“Art is a rather abstract subject for me. It is about something which are not explained or expressed with words. It is a way for me to express my inner feelings and thinking. Art acts as a memory-keeper, through creating painting and appreciating other paintings from time to time. It allows people to relive and remember the feeling of love and purity of true happiness.”

Love Boundary at Sham Shui Po

Watercolour and marker on paper, sculpture | 40cm x 30cm x 20cm

This artwork focuses on the creative use of community facilities at Shum Shui Po. It is a design of a public recreational center for the residents. It provides comfortable and relaxing communal areas for people by using quality space and utilizing natural lighting. More importantly, it satisfies the needs of the people, facilitates the building of love boundaries and communication inside that architecture, as well as keeping the culture and tradition of the district.


Watercolour on paper and sculpture | 75cm x 80cm x 30cm

This is an artwork of an aerial view of a pair of an old woman’s hands. She is looking at her collection of old pictures, which capture all the precious moments and sweet memories she had with her beloved people. Each photograph represents a different age and time, showing the ways of love and connections with different groups of people across the boundaries of age and nationalities.

Connection of Humans

Marker and photography | 21cm x 29.7 x 5 pieces | 29.7cm x 42cm x 2 pieces | 42cm x 59.4cm x 1 piece

This artwork is an exhibition of photographs taken in Canada. Canada is a wonderful place not only with beautiful landscape, but also full of love everywhere. Every human action is drawn in a contour line, it allows more imagination and interpretation of people’s facial expression and feelings at special moments.

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