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Chester Leung Year 8


Making art is like a road, one that seems to vary in length, but actually has no particular end; it gives you a sense of being boundless with your feet off the ground and your mind running wild. This journey is one of thoughts and expressions, it is open and free. I strongly believe that art is a universal language of feeling, the artist transmits an emotion which then the piece refracts to the audience. Making a piece that reflects your creativity will need initiative. The drive to push on and let others know what is going on in your head and what you want to express is truly amazing. Art is a reflection of our imaginative worlds inside our heads. Our works of art are made through the mirror of the society and culture that we are in.

Mind of a Thinker

Drawing | 30cm x 38cm

In this piece, I wanted to showcase my own personal twist on how people develop their thoughts. I believe that my drawing truly shows how intricate and complicated a single thought can be. Using contrasting shades and tones that really helps the image to pop out, I also incorporated a mixture of general pathways people take when it comes to thinking. This can be seen in the stairs that lead to nowhere, intertwined hallways conveying related concepts, infinite abysses indicating that we can pursue a thought with no final conclusion, and protruding sections express how ideas can branch from one another. Now you can imagine being one person trying to weave through this maze, some parts left forgotten. Not knowing where you are, knees weak, arms are heavy, your consciousness is left dazed and confused, desperately grasping for some semblance of order where there is none to be found.


Ceramic | 7cm x 9cm x 15cm

I wanted to plant the impression that authentic connection is fading. With the rise of technology, communication is more convenient than ever. No matter where you are, you can have a discussion with someone on the other side of the world. Technology has blinded people, leading them down a twisted hallway. Creating barriers through the mere limitation of a device. This piece represents the unspoken language of touch. An experience with other people face to face is a vast contrast to the coldness of a screen. You can feel the radiation of energy given by people; the warmth of bodies other than yours. A flame that is ignited by physical presence. You can harness this energy to produce a shared experience in time that imprints on your memories. The hand is a symbol of reaching out from the depths of the ground where communication is disregarded and taken for granted. The “YE” carved into the hand is the message that a simple word can open up a person and ignite the flame.

Fish Framework

Sculpture | 52cm x 16cm x 17cm

This piece was made to show how nature has inspired architecture. How humans can use a design from nature with millions of years in the making to improve current infrastructure. I drew my inspiration for the fish-like design from how certain fish can withstand the immense pressures of the ocean depths where humans would otherwise perish. The carcass utilising the ribs as foundations and offering an exposed view of the head as an open area intrigues people by offering up a unique experience of something that one doesn’t see every day. The skeletal structure also allows open-air and free space to be applied without limiting the building's durability. I truly believe that evolution is the best architect to ever grace this earth.

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