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柯美施Okoro Mercy Udunma John Obasi S3


“I believe art is very important in our daily lives, when we are in times of human isolation (an example like this current pandemic) many people resolve finding entertainment in art. But the significance of making art is far more important. Everything can be perceived as art, By making art, you can also have an opportunity to change others or the life your own, Through art you can find a way to say how you feel without needing to find words to put together a sentence.”

Instagram VS Reality

Body painting & photography (retouched by Photoshop) | 30.5cm x 38.1cm x 1 piece | 12.7cm x 17.8cm x 3 pieces

Everyone has social media, I'm sure everyone has a social networking platform. Instagram for example, I'm sure you all have friends following you on there. But how many times have you seen an instagram profile and wondered if you wanted to be like them or be their friend? How many times have you posted on there just because it's a good day you've had in awhile. How many times was your profile glorified to make you seem happier than you actually are? Through this artwork i wanted to express a simple but common problem and concept among people, how we make our profiles seem so much happier instead of showing all the realistic parts in our life.