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郭嘉行 Kwok Ka Hang S3


“Art is a reflection of human nature and thought; something transcending time and boundaries, tying humanity together. Art can be simple, a language allowing us to express freely and convey what words cannot. Art plays a significant role in shaping and inspiring these developments in history. It is through making art, that we are able to understand and capture our past and present so vividly.”


Watercolour on paper | 53cm x 42cm

This painting is inspired by the concept of Kinsukuroi, a Japanese bowl mending method where broken bowls are not abandoned, but mended and put
back together with gold: its flaws become part of the pottery, unique to each individual piece.
I feel as if the important role of the father in a child’s life is often overlooked in society, thus I modelled this portrait after my dad, and would like to dedicate this piece to him, and all the good fathers in the world.
Just like the potter in my painting, a good father can help their child grow and will not abandon them despite their flaws and mistakes. With a father’s guidance, we can learn to appreciate our uniqueness, and better ourselves. We as a society should learn to appreciate loving and nurturing fathers in the world.


Acrylic on paper | 30cm x 24cm

I painted this during a time of high pressure and stress in my life. I poured my feelings of anxiety into this painting as a way to relieve stress, using messy brush strokes and colours that give off a feeling of decay and tension. I hope people who view my painting will understand we are not alone in feeling overwhelmed and hopeless, and that it is important to express our emotions instead of bottling everything up.


Acrylic | 29.7cmx42.0cm

Every object in this still-life painting symbolises an aspect of my identity: the teddy bear my childhood, the cup my present, the phone how I portray myself, the books my personality, and the tipped glass my fluid and undefined future. I wish to show the prominence of each object to my identity through their placement, such as how the books are placed at the bottom to show how my personality is the foundation of my identity, and how the phone is high up in front of my cup to show how much I value other’s perception of me. The high contrast in colour and values are used to express how each component of my identity often contradicts with each other.

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